How do you get rid of scratches and damage?

We use specialist air-powered abrasive tools to remove damage and re-profile alloy wheels back to their original condition. The repaired wheel is then fine sanded to remove any deep scratches in preparation for the priming, paint and final clear coat stages.

How long does each wheel take?

Each wheel repair depends on the severity of the damage but generally takes around 90 minuets from start to finish.

What about aftercare and how should I clean them?

We would advise not to thoroughly clean newly painted wheels for at least 5-7 days after the repair. Don’t worry if it rains, this is fine. Washing the wheels with warm soapy water and a sponge regularly is perfectly adequate to keep them clean and free from hazards such as traffic film and brake dust etc.

What areas do you cover?

We cover mainly the Colchester, Essex and Suffolk areas but have often covered jobs further afield depending on the individual case.

Do you guarantee your work?

All of our work is guaranteed for 12 months. (Please be aware if part repairs to wheels are instructed then only the area we repair is guaranteed. This is due to the fact we are unable to vouch for any previous work carried out to the wheel.) However, if we repair the wheel in its entirety, then the full 12-month warranty stands.

How can I get a quote?

If you require any of our mobile auto body repair services call us now on 07413 094098 or email us. We will likely require a picture of the damage so we can initially assess the job and quote accurately.

Can I jet wash my wheels?

Unfortunately our work does not cover damage incurred due to Jet washing. Today’s Express Wash Service’s regularly seen around towns, Villages etc use aggressive chemicals and extremely high powered Jet wash machinery. Even new factory produced wheels are regularly damaged by this process and we advise to avoid at all costs to protect the quality and longevity of your vehicles wheels. A simple regular hand wash with warm soapy water and gentle hose rinse is adequate to keep your wheels in top condition.